Going Bananas – Try Seven Different Types of Bananas – Baby, Manzano (Apple), Thai, Red, Burro, Plantain and Cavendish

It is generally an accepted fact that the banana brought down the Berlin wall (seriously, google it).   While some out there would let you believe that the Soviet Union was brought down by the increased defense spending of keeping up with the Cold War and space race – I’d say it was the East’s yearning … Read more

Gummy Bear Fruit – Eating a Starfruit or Carambola

Although the starfruit is originally from Southeast Asia, it is now grown in many temperate regions of the world including Latin America, Australia and the southern USA.  The plant is readily available in US supermarkets since its first commercial introduction dates back to the 1970s.   The US variety “Arkin” is what you are most likely … Read more

Eureka – Tasting a chocolate pudding fruit (Black Sapote) – all the taste of chocolate without the added sugar

I had been looking for a chocolate pudding fruit for some time.  When I did find it, I picked a firm green one in hopes that it would ripen; it was not meant to be.  The fruit stayed hard and inedible.  If you’ve tried to taste unripe black sapote, skip it, it is very bitter. … Read more

Kumquats – The no-need-to-peel citrus fruit plus bonus how to grow Kumquats from seed

Kumquats (meaning golden tangerine from Cantonese) is one of the hardiest citrus fruits know.  The unique aspect of kumquats is that you can eat the entire fruit, skin and all – no peeling required. As a matter of fact, the peel tends to be the sweetest part with the inside slightly bitter balancing out the … Read more

Tasting the world’s largest tree borne fruit – the ginormous Jackfruit

Every time I walk by the huge Jackfruits at the local Asian market, I can’t help but reminisce about my visit to Vietnam.  In the south of Vietnam, the sight of Jackfruits was a common occurrence. Although I didn’t see any that beat the world’s record of 80 lbs, I am certain that I saw … Read more

The day I bought a $5 cucumber aka Horned Melon, Kiwano, Jelly Melon, Blowfish Fruit, Cucumis metuliferus

I’ve seen these Horned Melons around in the local ethnic markets a few times, but the price of $8-10 per pound was a turnoff.  I finally broke down and bought one.  With a quick visual inspection, I figured this little one was about a quarter pound and around 2 bucks; but, when I got to … Read more

How to eat a fuzzy furry Rambutan

I picked up some Rambutan at the local Asian grocery store for a sweet treat.  Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum), the name of both the tree and the fruit, tastes similar to lychee, mamoncillos, or grapes and are probably one of the most fun looking fruits out there.  Although native to Malaysia-Indonesia, it is now grown throughout … Read more

Devouring a sugar apple (custard apple, cherimoya, anon and zimtapfel)

After doing some additional research, it turns out that sugar apples (sweetsop, anon) and cherimoya (custard apples) are actually  two different (but very closely related species).  The sugar apple comes from Annona squamosa, while the cherimoya is from Annona cherimola. This review is for sugar apples. I am not sure how different the two taste, but … Read more

Picking, Ripening and Eating Guava or Guayaba

Guavas (Psidium guajava) is a common tropical fruit from a small growing myrtle related tree originally found in Mexico, Central America and northern South America.  Guavas are grown in many tropical areas nowadays, such as India, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil.   This particular type was simply called “Mexican Guava” in my local Asian store. … Read more

Eating a very yummy caramel tasting fruit – called Chikoo, Chico, Sapodilla, Nasberry or Chicozapote

Today, EarthlyChow.com tried a new exotic fruit with various names, among others: Chikoo, Chico, Sapodilla, Zapote Nasberry or Chicozapote We have tried quite a few exotic fruits over the last few years, but the Sapodilla has one of the most unique tastes, being similar to caramel & brown sugar with some fruity, peachy overtones. We … Read more