Spice up your tea with some Chinese Licorice

Chinese Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) is one of the traditional fundamental 50 herbs used in Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, licorice is used as an adaptogen helping the body to cope with stress, for respiratory issues and abdominal discomfort. Chinese medicine also cautions against using this herb with heart disease or any other heart issues as … Read more

The secret sweetener – Monk Fruit – Arhat Fruit – Luo han guo – Lo han kuo

We’ve been using Monk Fruit (known as Luo han guo or Lo han kuo in Chinese) as an occasional sweetener for around 2 years now.  I say occasional, because we do try to drink things pure (without any sweeteners) but will occasionally, as a special treat, sweeten with homegrown stevia or some monk fruit. I … Read more

Fountain of Youth – The Reishi or Lingzhi mushroom

This week we made some Reishi / Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)  tea.  While the thought of mushroom tea might not conjure the most tasty image, it actually tasted pretty good.  It has an earthy, mellow and slightly sweet taste – just the right flavor for earthlychow. Reishi / Linghzi mushroom is considered a powerful anti-aging … Read more

Yellow Root Tea – Not for the faint of heart !

This week we made some yellow root tea.  Yellow root has been used as a dyeing agent and folk medicine by Native Americans and early settlers.  Even today, it is still used in rural areas of the Southern US as a home remedy for many ailments.  I bought some of this root at a local … Read more

Chinese Herbal Soup – A Tonic for General Good Health – Uses 10 of the most important Herbs in Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an intricate and complex medical system used in China.  Practitioners undergo many years of formal and informal eduction to perfect the graft.  There are, however, various herbs and concoctions that are used by the Chinese general population.  Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup is one of those.  Just as chicken soup is … Read more

There is a world of difference between white turmeric and yellow turmeric

Although I’d been using turmeric for a few years now, I had only been using the standard yellow turmeric.  Recently, I picked up some white turmeric to experiment with in some new culinary dishes.  As with anything, fresh is always better than dried.  For the longest time, I had only been using dried turmeric, but … Read more

Stress Busting Herbs that work

The modern lifestyle with our multitasking ways, sleep minimization, non defined work hours, “no time for downtime” attitude, 24 hour connectivity  and go, go, go mentality is bound to lead to increased stress.  Thankfully, nature has given us some natural ways to rebalance our life.  This post focuses on the medicinal herbs that can be … Read more

What’s in your spice rack?

We have built up a solid spice collection over the past few years, and most importantly, have learned to cook delicious meals with them.  Having access to a variety of spices is a big step toward cooking healthily:  Healthy food does not have to be bland.  With these spices, you will truly have a flavor … Read more

Triphala Churna – The antidote to the Western Diet – Body cleanse

Triphala Churna is one of the most commonly used herbs in the ayurvedic health system. Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old Indian (Hindu) traditional system of health. “Triphala”, which means three and “Churna”, which means powder is used primarily as a digestive aid for colon cleanse constipation flatulence to stimulate the digestive system In addition, … Read more

Homegrown Sweetener – Growing and propagating Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is the new trendy sweetener (sugar substitute) made from a real plant. In the US, the plant is not approved for food use, however the plant is approved for use in many countries around the world.  What is approved in the US (and the mechanism patented) is the extract of the sweetener.  … Read more