Two unusual Italian Flavors from Sperlari – Pine Tree Flavored Candy (Gocce Pino) and Candied Fruit with Mustard Sauce (Mostarda)

Sperlari was a small local candy company started in Cremona, Italy in 1836.  It is mostly known for its nougat, mostarda and torrone.  The original store can still be found in downtown Cremona, Italy.  The Sperlari brand was acquired by Cloetta, a large pan-Europen confectionery company. Two interesting flavors that I discovered made by Sperlari … Read more

“DIY Spezi” or “How to spice up your Diet Soft Drink”

Except for the occasional 7-year old at the Taco-Bell self serve soda fountain, people in the US don’t seem to be fond of mixing up their soft drinks.  It’s a shame if you think about it.  Those standard sodas can become boring day after day, particularly the diet sodas could use some spicing up.  While … Read more

Yummy Lactose Free Milk Alternative – Horchata

Horchata is a drink made out a variety of different base ingredients ranging from almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tigernuts or melon seeds. Originally from Valencia in Spain, Horchata has spread and been adapted through much of Latin America. With lactose intolerance increasing and cow’s milk generally loosing appeal, Horchata is a perfect milk substitute … Read more

Heavenly rice topper – Pork Floss – Pork Sung – Rousong – Pork Cotton Candy

I remember having had some of this delicious rice topper in Japan a few years ago, but had not really thought about obtaining some of it here until I ran across it in the local Chinese Store. Rousong, also called meat floss, pork floss, meat wool and various other names, is pork that is boiled … Read more

Delicious Indonesian Coconut Pudding – Tepung Hunkwee Puhun Tjemara

This week we made some delicious Indonesian Coconut Pudding.  I picked up this package (with Super Quality!) at the local Asian store for around 50 cents and had no idea what it was.  After a little searching on the Internet, I was able to determine that this was Indonesian coconut pudding. Yummy!  Luckily, I had … Read more

Trying out Indian Ready to Eat Meals for 99 cents – Dal Makhani – Navratan Korma – Paneer Makhani

During my my last trip to the local Indian market, I picked up several ready to eat Indian meals for 99 cents each.  A quick look at the ingredients list, showed that there was little to any chemicals or preservatives in these (everything was pretty natural), in addition to a good dose of fiber; although … Read more

Best ever Indian Dessert – Sonpapdi or Sohan papdi

We picked up some of this Indian dessert at the local Patel brothers Indian store.  Absolutely delicious. It has the dense-cotton-candy-like consistency of Halva but with the taste of ghee (clarified butter) instead of tahini/sesame.  It is made by frying chickpea and wheat flower in oil and then cooking with a sugary syrup. Ghee is … Read more