Picking, Ripening and Eating Guava or Guayaba

Guavas (Psidium guajava) is a common tropical fruit from a small growing myrtle related tree originally found in Mexico, Central America and northern South America.  Guavas are grown in many tropical areas nowadays, such as India, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil.   This particular type was simply called “Mexican Guava” in my local Asian store. … Read more

Eating a very yummy caramel tasting fruit – called Chikoo, Chico, Sapodilla, Nasberry or Chicozapote

Today, EarthlyChow.com tried a new exotic fruit with various names, among others: Chikoo, Chico, Sapodilla, Zapote Nasberry or Chicozapote We have tried quite a few exotic fruits over the last few years, but the Sapodilla has one of the most unique tastes, being similar to caramel & brown sugar with some fruity, peachy overtones. We … Read more

Learn everything you need to know about making Kefir in under 1 Minute.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink with origins in the Caucasus region.  It tastes slightly sour but effervescent and has a creamy consistency similar to buttermilk. Kefir is a powerhouse of probiotics with various bacteria and yeasts found in the drink.  The makeup of the drink, however, can change from culture to culture and batch … Read more

Torres Del Paine Patagonia in 2 1/2 days – Cheap and Comfortable Trekking – Hints & Preparation

Here is some basic information for those out there that want to hike Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia and do not want to: hike for 5/7/14 days carry tons of stuff on their back including all their meals, clothing, tents, etc hire some fancy touring company for upwards of $1,000 to $2,000 This … Read more

Best ever Indian Dessert – Sonpapdi or Sohan papdi

We picked up some of this Indian dessert at the local Patel brothers Indian store.  Absolutely delicious. It has the dense-cotton-candy-like consistency of Halva but with the taste of ghee (clarified butter) instead of tahini/sesame.  It is made by frying chickpea and wheat flower in oil and then cooking with a sugary syrup. Ghee is … Read more

Real Home Cooked Country BBQ at Wyatt’s Diner in Edgewood, Atlanta, GA

A real southern BBQ shack… now that’s what I am talking about. One look at Wyatt’s frontage will tell you that this is the place to find some good southern home cooked BBQ. Soul Food at its finest. Some of the items on the menu Pork Ribs, Pork Chop, Chicken, Beef Ribs, Beef Links, Pig … Read more

Grow Goji Berries for free from seed (also called Boxthorn or Wolfberries)

Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense) also called Boxthorn or Wolfberries, have been become popular in recent years due to a variety of health claims made about them.  Among other things, these are supposed to support longevity, be good for skin, act as anti-aging agents and probably a lot more.  All that aside, they … Read more

New World Fruit with many names: Spanish Lime, Lemoncillo, Mamoncillo, Quenepa and Mamon

Today we tried some Spanish limes, although these fruits are known under many names all throughout the new world. Lemoncillo (Dominican Republic) Quenapa (Puerto Rico) Mamoncillo (Cuba) Mamon (Costa Rica) Guaya (Mexico) … and the list probably goes on and on. It’s a bit tricky to eat.  Basically you puncture the outside skin of the … Read more