What?! Popcorn that pops on the inside? Peruvian Corn Nut or Cancha

  Peruvian Corn Nut or Cancha is a unique snack that is sure to rise an eyebrow or two at your next party.  Cancha is popcorn that pops on the inside only and leaves the outer shell intact.  This gives Cancha quite a unique texture as the popcorn retains the harder shell.  Cancha is great … Read more

Two unusual Italian Flavors from Sperlari – Pine Tree Flavored Candy (Gocce Pino) and Candied Fruit with Mustard Sauce (Mostarda)

Sperlari was a small local candy company started in Cremona, Italy in 1836.  It is mostly known for its nougat, mostarda and torrone.  The original store can still be found in downtown Cremona, Italy.  The Sperlari brand was acquired by Cloetta, a large pan-Europen confectionery company. Two interesting flavors that I discovered made by Sperlari … Read more