New World Fruit with many names: Spanish Lime, Lemoncillo, Mamoncillo, Quenepa and Mamon

Today we tried some Spanish limes, although these fruits are known under many names all throughout the new world.

  • Lemoncillo (Dominican Republic)
  • Quenapa (Puerto Rico)
  • Mamoncillo (Cuba)
  • Mamon (Costa Rica)
  • Guaya (Mexico)

… and the list probably goes on and on.


It’s a bit tricky to eat.  Basically you puncture the outside skin of the fruit and suck out the inside.  Then you kind of suck on it for a while to try to get the fruit flesh off of the rather large seed.  It’s actually quite a bit of work.  In the video I say chew, definitely don’t chow down on it… it’s more like slightly biting around it to get the flesh off.   They have a very exotic taste (like gummy bears), although the outside skin is quite bitter, so minimize contact with that.

Here is a video of it:

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