Best ever Indian Dessert – Sonpapdi or Sohan papdi

We picked up some of this Indian dessert at the local Patel brothers Indian store.  Absolutely delicious.


It has the dense-cotton-candy-like consistency of Halva but with the taste of ghee (clarified butter) instead of tahini/sesame.  It is made by frying chickpea and wheat flower in oil and then cooking with a sugary syrup.

Ghee is basically pure dairy fat where the dairy residues have been simmered off.  So, while your consumption of ghee or fat in general should be limited, ghee’s diverse base of fats actually provides some health benefits if eaten in moderation.


The ingredients are:

  • Sugar
  • Ghee
  • Chickpea flower
  • Wheat flower
  • Cardamom and
  • Pistachio


The consistency is fibrous & crystalline, similar to Halva.

I would definitely recommend picking one up – best to bring it to a dinner party, so you don’t eat all of it yourself.

Here is a video for the details:

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