Eating a very yummy caramel tasting fruit – called Chikoo, Chico, Sapodilla, Nasberry or Chicozapote

Today, tried a new exotic fruit with various names, among others:

  • Chikoo,
  • Chico,
  • Sapodilla,
  • Zapote
  • Nasberry or
  • Chicozapote

We have tried quite a few exotic fruits over the last few years, but the Sapodilla has one of the most unique tastes, being similar to caramel & brown sugar with some fruity, peachy overtones.


We picked up the fruit at the local Indian store for about $1 each under the name of a “Chikoo”.

The Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota), a small to medium size evergreen tree, is originally from Central America/Caribbean but is now widely grown in South East Asia and other tropical areas.


When you buy a Sapodilla, it will likely have a hard texture to it, similar to an unripe peach.  However, in a few days (mine took about 2 days), the Sapodilla will soften and the texture will change to that of a ripe peach and the skin will give in under pressure.  This means it is ready to eat.  Don’t eat it before then, because the fruit will be very astringent.  Also, please be careful with the seeds.  They really do have a little hook on one end, that could be problematic if swallowed.

Here is a video of the taste test.

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