Fountain of Youth – The Reishi or Lingzhi mushroom


This week we made some Reishi / Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)  tea.  While the thought of mushroom tea might not conjure the most tasty image, it actually tasted pretty good.  It has an earthy, mellow and slightly sweet taste – just the right flavor for earthlychow.

Reishi / Linghzi mushroom is considered a powerful anti-aging herb in Chinese medicine and seems to be anti- everything else also.  Ant-inflammatory, anti-cancer, pro cardio, pro intestinal, pro neural  and I am sure good for plenty of other things – it is often called the Immortality Mushroom.  It is one of the oldest mushrooms used medicinally and you can actually find it growing here in the US – one of these days I would like to go foraging for some.


I purchased a bag at the local Asian store for around $4.  With hindsight, I would have gotten the pre-cut bag.  The mushrooms are very woody, so you need to use a serrated knife to cut it into small pieces and it takes a little elbow grease to get that done.


The tea is extremely easy to make as you basically just need to boil the pieces.  Since the mushroom is pretty woody, it will take some time to boil out the ingredients – I generally do about 3 hours in the crock pot, although it takes my crock pot about 1 hour to get to a low boil.


Here is a video of the process:

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