Kumquats – The no-need-to-peel citrus fruit plus bonus how to grow Kumquats from seed


Kumquats (meaning golden tangerine from Cantonese) is one of the hardiest citrus fruits know.  The unique aspect of kumquats is that you can eat the entire fruit, skin and all – no peeling required.

As a matter of fact, the peel tends to be the sweetest part with the inside slightly bitter balancing out the flavor of the skin.  Kumquats are fairly small in size, about the size of a cherry tomato.


I enjoyed the Kumquats so much, I decided to try to sprout some from seeds.  The Kumquat being winter hardy to 15F could make it borderline successful in my climate.

The small size of the plant allows for growing in containers if I decide to keep it indoors.  Growing from seeds is somewhat tricky – but not impossible.  I ended up with 1 out of about 10 seeds sprouting successfully into a seedling.


The seeds come with a seed cover (seen here opaque-white) that needs to be removed for proper sprouting.


The “naked” seeds can then be used to sprout.  I placed them in a plastic freezer bag with a wet paper towel in a warm spot.


My current seedling below, ready to be transplanted to a larger pot.  I will give future updates on how it is doing.


Here is  video of the Kumquat eating action.

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