Eureka – Tasting a chocolate pudding fruit (Black Sapote) – all the taste of chocolate without the added sugar

chocolatecloseupI had been looking for a chocolate pudding fruit for some time.  When I did find it, I picked a firm green one in hopes that it would ripen; it was not meant to be.  The fruit stayed hard and inedible.  If you’ve tried to taste unripe black sapote, skip it, it is very bitter.

My second try was more successful.

chcoaltepuddingfruitunopenThe chocolate pudding fruit (black sapote) goes from dark green to yellow green as it ripens and will soften in texture.  To assure that I would get a taste of the fruit, I bought one definitely ripe fruit (to the right) with very very soft texture, almost overripe and the skin on its way to turning brown.  I also bought a fruit that was on its way to ripen (left) with a slightly soft skin and green-yellow skin.


chocolate pudding fruitBoth turned out to be a success.  The ripe one was eaten immediately and the other was ready within 3 days.

What does it taste like?  It has an interesting custard like consistency with a slight hint of chocolate. Interestingly, the fruit is not overly sweet, but rather more like a dark chocolate bar with less intense chocolate taste.  Worth a try? Yes, but make sure you get one that is well on its way to ripen.

Some trivia about the chocolate pudding fruit:

  • Diospyros nigra is the scientific name
  • a type of persimmon
  • native to Mexico and Central America
  • grows up to 80 feet

Here is a video of the taste test:

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