Gummy Bear Fruit – Eating a Starfruit or Carambola

Although the starfruit is originally from Southeast Asia, it is now grown in many temperate regions of the world including Latin America, Australia and the southern USA.  The plant is readily available in US supermarkets since its first commercial introduction dates back to the 1970s.   The US variety “Arkin” is what you are most likely to get here in the US and that variety actually tasted better than what I have eaten in the Caribbean and Vietnam.

The entire fruit can be eaten  – basically you can just cut it into slices and enjoy it.  You can cut out any of the blemishes if you like but that is not necessary. The best time to eat it is when the the fruit has turned from green to yellow.  A deep yellow usually means the fruit is overripe which will result in a blander taste.  The fruit itself has a nice low sugar, slightly acidic fruity taste – the smell reminds me of that of gummy bears.  Starfruit is high in antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin C and makes a nice looking addition to any meal.

Here is a video of my taste test.

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