Scrumptious Recipe using two favorite Mexican ingredients Huauzontle and Pipicha

This scrumptious recipe highlights two of the most unique ingredients found in Mexican cuisine: Huauzontle and Pipicha


Huauzontle, or  Chenopodium nuttalliae, also called Aztec spinach or Aztec broccoli is one of those ancient foods from the precolonial world.  While it used to be more of a poor man’s food, Huauzontle has now become a gourmet and trend food.  It is from the gooseweed family and closely related to another favorite new world crop, quinoa.

Huauzontle resembles broccoli as can be seen in the above close up though smaller and more slender.  It is usually the flowers/florets that are eaten.

Huauzontle is bitter raw, though boiling it will increase the taste profile significantly.  Before boiling, remove the stems and boil only the florets for about 5-8 minutes.


Pipicha, or Porophyllum linaria, is a Mexican herb with a strong cilantro flavor but also sporting lemon and anise overtones – quite a nice combination (if you like cilantro).  It is also a key ingredient in green salsa (salsa verde).

The Receipe

For this meal, we will use Huauzontle as a base ingredient and top it off with sauteed pipicha.


  • Huauzontle
  • Pipicha
  • Onion (Use sweet or red onions for a sweeter taste, use regular onions for a more earthy flavor)
  • Garlic or Garlic powder
  • Cumin Seeds or Cumin powder
  • (when you using spice powders add in later in the cooking process)
  • apple cider
  • salt/pepper


1) Remove florets from the stems of the Huauzontle
2) Boil Huauzontle florets in salted water for about 5-8 minutes
3) Drain Huauzontle and set aside

Pipicha Topping

1) In a sauce pen, saute cut onions  and minced garlic with some olive oil till the onions turn soft.
2) Add cumin for a warm earthy taste and a good dash of apple vinegar to add  tartness.
3) Continue to saute for 2-3 minutes to combine the flavors.  Add salt and pepper to your liking.
4) Top off the Huauzontle with the Pipicha topping

The finished meal makes a great appetizer or even main meal with some of the most unique ingredients Mexico has to offer.

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