Two unusual Italian Flavors from Sperlari – Pine Tree Flavored Candy (Gocce Pino) and Candied Fruit with Mustard Sauce (Mostarda)

Sperlari was a small local candy company started in Cremona, Italy in 1836.  It is mostly known for its nougat, mostarda and torrone.  The original store can still be found in downtown Cremona, Italy.  The Sperlari brand was acquired by Cloetta, a large pan-Europen confectionery company.

Two interesting flavors that I discovered made by Sperlari are pine flavored candies and candied fruit in mustard sauce.

The first  is a pine flavored hard candy with a soft inner filling of menthol and mint.  While pine flavored candy may sound strange at first, it is actually a very refreshing combination and goes perfectly with mint and menthol.  It seemed to be a good after dinner breath freshener.  I did take a look to see if this is product is sold in the USA, but could not identify a source.  The ingredients are surprisingly all natural with chlorophyll as the coloring agent, and all natural flavors using pine oil, menthol and mint.

The second is a sweet and spicy condiment made from candied fruit that is contained in mustard flavored syrup.  It is usually used  as a condiment for meat and cheeses.  A small amount goes a long way.  This particular variety in Cremona is made out of different fruits and the end product is called  mostarda di frutta.

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