Growing monster delicious Asian Cucumbers – Tien Chin Long

The cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is originally from South Asia, so these seeds are actually kind of “bringing it home”.

I picked these up in the local Chinese grocery store, while looking for some melon/cucumber-like plants that we saw planted all over Chinatown in Chicago.Ā  This did not turn out to be them, but are working out very well here in Georgia.

Interesting facts about Cucumbers:

  • more than 90% water (hence a negative calorie food)
  • China is the largest producer of them
  • cultivated for over 3,000 years
  • has male and female blossoms

How to grow:

  • needs lots of sun, my spot gets only about 4 hours and the plants have been doing great
  • needs lots of water, but be careful not to over water
  • can grow on the ground or trellis, I’m growing mine on a bamboo trellis

Asian Cucumbers:

  • grow large: 1-2 feet
  • have thin skin and are great for slicing and eating

Iā€™m using a container set-up on the side of the house and the plants seem to be doing well, so even if you are short on space, these are a suitable option.

Here was my first harvest, four this size are actually almost more than we can eat within a few days


This is the seed package that I picked up.


Strangely, the seeds are colored pink?


Here is a view of the two plants on the trellis


…. and a cucumber on the vine


Here is a video if you would like to get a better look at it šŸ™‚

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