Enter the Dragon fruit


I’ve walked by these fruits at the international market many a time and have always wanted to pick one up; however, the price always was a bit of a put off.  Yesterday, I finally did it.  Total cost was $4 and change and I am ready to share the results with you and give you a review. But before we get to that:  What are Dragon Fruits?


Dragon Fruit, also called Pitaya, is the fruit of a cactus, Hylocereus undatus, to be exact.  The fruit of this vine type cactus sports a unique look giving it the name dragon fruit.  Was it Bruce Lee’s favorite fruit?  Don’t know, but that would make a good story. :-p

How to eat it?

Cut it in half, scoop out the white stuff and eat.

What does it taste like?

Tastes and looks a lot like Kiwi, except white.

Is it worth it?

Probably once.  Could be a good party favor / conversational item.  If you want the taste, go for a kiwi instead.

Here is a video if you like to see Earthlychow.com in action.

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